Begun in 2015, Homoeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention (HPWWC) is a rapidly growing organisation, its mission being to help the world learn about and utilize the homeopathic choice for disease prevention, Homoeoprophylaxis (“HP”). This is done through international conferences as well as local events.

Because there are already many ways HP is being effectively used throughout the world, HPWWC does not espouse any single approach for this, nor will we promote any particular practitioner over another. Rather, HPWWC is an "umbrella" organisation, where all practitioners can effectively "link arms" and be able to support each other and reach out to promote Homoeopathic Prophylaxis.

Additionally, through the HPWWC website, www.HPWWC.org, the lay citizen who is seeking other alternatives for immunisation, can find practitioners qualified in HP to provide this for them.

To be listed as a provider of HP on the website, healthcare practitioners - homeopaths or other - recognized training in HP must have been received. If a practitioner desires to be trained in the use of HP, HPWWC does provide a source for obtaining this right on the website. However, if a practitioner has already received training in HP and/or already utilize this in his/her practise, HPWWC asks to be provided verifiable documentation of this completed training in HP.

Local events are happening more frequently too. Please contact us if you are interested in having a workshop of seminar in your area.

Cathy Lemmon, BA, LCPH, CHP, MARH, the founder and director of Homoeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice, is a homeopath in the Dallas, Texas area. She first learned of the homeopathic means of disease prevention twenty years ago when her children were very young, through the work of Dr. Isaac Golden’s work in Australia. Upon noting homoeopathic prophylaxis effectively worked for so many diseases, she wondered, “Why doesn’t the world know about this?”

She then met Dr. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy in Germany who have been utilizing, teaching, and publishing about homoeopathic prophylaxis for nearly 40 years. From them she learned of even more homeopaths who have been using homoeopathic medicines prophylactically – in India, in Japan, in the US, in the Netherlands, in the UK, in France, and more.

She also learned of homoeoprophylactic studies involving literally millions of people of all ages.

With all of this, it became quite clear that HP is nothing new and nothing small.

Hence was born the idea of Homoeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice. To provide a means of allowing practitioners already utilizing HP or those desiring to use this, a means of “linking arms” with each other; to provide a means of educating not only practitioners but also the lay citizenry about the homeopathic option for disease prevention. Knowledge brings responsibility and accountability. In this day, immunisation is being seen as a priority by many around the world. Homoeopathy has a means of disease prevention that has been working for more than 200 years by educating the immune system in a natural means.